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IoT Platfrom Mobile BackEnd as a Service

Elastic Mobile BackEnd as a Service

Developing your apps with Mesosfer Backend as a Service in an easy way as possible. Mesosfer is designed to anyone who has vivid mind of innovation. You can choose your own needs. Whether it’s web apps or mobile apps, Mesosfer provide them both.

Mesosfer cuts off your time creating solution and reduces cost so you can launch quickly. With cross platform and Native apps, Mesosfer managing your innovation and leverage your business application.

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mobile backend as a service push notification

iot platform backend as a service

Destination for your IoT Embedded System

Complete Integration with Mesosfer, data driven and scalable cloud solution for your success innovation. Mesosfer providing trusted and accessible platform for you to develop a solution with minimum complexity.

Mesosfer turns your innovation live in a smooth process for your success IoT solution. Connecting you product to mesosfer and let your business runs fast with Mesosfer.

MQTT IoT Platform iBeacon Platform REST API IoT Platform

Set up Easily. Scale Up Elastically.

Easy to Deploy

Mesosfer helps you deploy your product successfully by mobile and web apps for developers.

Built to Scale

Fixing from simple to complex problem in your product to scale up your global business quickly.

Trusted and accessible

More than +2000 developers have used Mesosfer to build Solution with easy access from everywhere.

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