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Mobile Apps and IoT (Internet of thing) Solution are two different roles but connected each other. Mobile App that dominates our life such as gaming app, utility tool app, and commerce app are apps that we use daily. While IoT (Internet of things) role is where every devices can be connected to internet such as smartwatch, handfit, and lifestyle devices for consumers.

Industry has been using mobile devices to control, manage, and deliver command to their IoT devices. Whether it’s a machine, measurer, even running their business. These two roles can be combined in Mesosfer. Simply because smartphone domination and mobile apps has been an important needs in our daily activity.

Creating IoT solution and connect to the smartphone needs developer as the most important roles. Mesosfer provides bridge where developers can focus on the solution development while Mesosfer cuts off the development process and fasten delivery process for Startup and Enterprise.

Mesosfer helps developer build easiest way to develop innovative solutions with our infrastructure solution. Mesosfer will control cloud server, integration of protocol communication, storage, and oAuth. The most complicated process in delivering digital service such as web app, mobile app, and embedded integration to cloud is in infrastructure and backend. Mesosfer provides solution to cut off those complicated processes.

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Mobile Backend

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) is solution to enable developers to build web app or mobile app for every mobile OS to connect with the cloud server storage, data integration with API, user management, push notification, and social networking service integration. Mesosfer mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) provides SDK (Software Development Kit) to ease your integration from web/mobile to Mesosfer cloud.

What is mBaas? mBaaS has been a trend in solution for developers on 2011. With mBaaS, developers are able to build scalable solutions and scale up with user growth, data, and access reach. Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) is one of standard development tools used for professional mobile/web apps developer in delivering solution for public or enterprise.

What is Mesosfer mBaaS Standard

  • Cloud Storage - Mesosfer user can store their data on cloud privately. With NOSQL that enable every devices and internet connection can be accessed faster with big data volume.
  • Dynamic Table - With private cloud storage, developers can build dynamic table class easily and generate them to save various data.
  • Management User - Mesosfer mBaaS enables developers to manage user and end user. Clasification of user segment aims to recognize user better, engage their characters, and ease segment based content delivery.
  • Device Info - Mobile/web app developer needs important data such as device info to fit solution delivery in the right segment for future implementation. It helps to fasten system design and understand device’s user characteristic.
  • Push Notification - This service is important to reach audience. Mesosfer Push Notification is able to deliver push notification to user’s smartphone in real time and deliver to the right segment.
  • Social Network - Integration with Social Media is an important step for developers to understand their user’s character well. Beside cut off the integration progress with social media to reach user, it also fasten mobile apps installation.
  • SDK Integration - Multi platfrom is big problem for developers while creating service. Mesosfer provides custom SDK in every OS Mobile Platforms and/or third party platform to help developers develop their service on every palforms in one backend.
  • Full REST API - Integration with various platform is important needs for mobile/app/IoT developers. This main feature is very important and Mesosfer helps you to integrate with various third party platform to support your apps. Include synchronize backup to your local storage.
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IoT Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, sensors, data-logger, embedded system, actuator, include network connectivity that enable data transfer and collect in digital data storage.

Internet of things is a convergence of multiple technologies such as:

  • Real-time analytics.
  • Including ubiquitous wireless communication
  • Machine learning
  • Standart protocol connectifity
  • Embedded systems, and
  • Commodity sensors.

With various needs of IoT implementation, Mesosfer will help developers to ease the process of developing IoT solution for Startup to Enterprise.

Another important requirment is protocol equality for million devices, with Mesosfer, IoT Developers can integrate swiftly. Include connect with every smartphone in every OS.

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Backend Environment

Good scalability infrastructure is important for every mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) and IoT Platform. Mesosfer is using elastic cloud platform so every data load can be delivered.

This is a standard infrastructure for enterprise solution and Mesosfer ability to replicate node can be developers choice to build mobile app and IoT Solution. Developers don’t need additional effort to divide load balancer and user request. Mesosfer will manage and handle these problems so developers can focus on solution.

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Privacy Data

Cloud Data Storage - Mesosfer will keep user data and privacy include from developer’s user. All data in Mesosfer server is important for you. Mesosfer doesn’t own any right to replicate, copy, or read the data. This privacy agreement is contained in the Mesosfer service. Data storage requirement and user data is data owner’s responsibility if there’s security audit other necessities.

Email Communication - We collect email as required for various purposes and internal communication between user.

Financial Information - Mesosfer uses third party service in payment. We collect financial needs include payment validation, bank transfer history, credit card validation, and personal data to match with billing service. All internal data is collected by Mesosfer for clarification purpose.

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Project Partner

Project partner is various activity include integration with Mesosfer platform to other platforms or possible integration or sharing partner in developing additional service with mesosfer.

Mesosfer is open for every mobile developer, web or embedded technology to be active in creating new innovative solution and service.

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Mesosfer Rock Star

Mesosfer Rock Star is a program made by Mesosfer to create new potential solution and find competent developers. Mesosfer Rock Star is also one of many ways to grow new startup.

This is an annual program and will be announced at the time set by Mesosfer.

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