3 Ways to Enhance Your Mobile Apps Experience

Designing your app requires a lot of work. By work I mean is not only the coding and stuff, but you gotta understand your user. What happen in your mobile application will definitely effect your user experience.

Some things you need to take note while developing mobile apps is UI and UX. The interface of your app will impact on how long user will spend their time in your apps. Even if you can manage to get them back and keep your apps in their phone for long time, that would be great. People nowadays is a little bit picky in downloading apps. If you know what I mean.


When your site or app is clumsy or slow, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (that is, they can’t find information or it’s too slow). In fact, of those who switch, 70% do so because of lagging load times. And 67% will switch if takes too many steps to purchase or get desired information.

So here are some tips on 3 Ways to Enhance your mobile apps Experience!

1. Eliminate Complicated Steps

Your mobile functionality matters. And the more steps you have in your mobile experience, the more likely a user is to make an error. You know that one mobile apps you’re not even interested to open it because there are so many things to fill and required steps? Yep, you end up uninstall them.

Think about the goal of your mobile site or app. Are you trying to drive engagement, mobile commerce, registrations, calls, or visits? Start with that goal and think of how you can cut the number of steps a user must take to reach it. Here are some ideas:

  • Display click-to-call buttons
  • Offer GPS-powered driving directions
  • Feature one-click functionality to streamline mobile sales or registration

Consider Progressive’s recent success in eliminating steps for its customers on its mobile app.

 2. Anticipate User Needs

Being quick is knowing what your customer wants before they want it. First, check out your top mobile content and searches in analytics. What are your customers doing on your mobile site? Then consider incorporating the following to improve your mobile performance:


Virgin America recently focused their mobile experience on one simple call to action: “book a flight.” They made room for a single call to action by steering away from offers or distractions that clutter the booking process. Today, their mobile customers can book a flight twice as fast. For real estate company Zillow, anticipating needs meant implementing a GPS-based search feature on its mobile site and app to allow house hunters to find listings nearby in just a few taps. The result was more homes being viewed per session.

3. Load Time Really Matters

Here’s the truth: The most thoughtful mobile UI in the world will still fall short if your mobile site takes too long to load.


Meet these high expectations by keeping your technical backend up to snuff.

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