5 Important Tips Before You Develop Mobile Apps

There are important tips before you start develop Mobile Apps. Some developers might ignore this but actually, these tips too will make a difference on your mobile apps.

Previously, I’ve shared some tips about mobile apps development that you can check in this blog too. But this time, I will talk about How your mobile apps supposed to be for user. It’s more like making your user enjoy your mobile apps, that way they willing to use your apps everyday.

Here is 5 important tips before you develop mobile apps:

1. Make Your Mobile Apps Efficient

I think I’ve already mentioned before in many tips that an apps should be efficient. Because literally, your user needs to know what is your app doing. So if it’s complicated, then what is the point anyway.

Efficiency here means data efficiency too. Smartphone apps which excessively use 3G or 4G data are most likely to be downloaded and forgotten, if you don’t want your phone app to fall in that category, make sure that your app uses data efficiently and does not consume more data.

I also think that size efficiency matters. Some people skip apps that has too big size for their phone.

2. Reduce Loading Time


Speaking from the user point of view, I always upset when an apps takes forever for loading. It’s not like I have to sacrifice my storage for you apps and end up with never ending loading. You can’t do that to your user. It sucks for me.

I’ve shared some articles to avoid this too in some previous blog posts. To avoid feeding your user’s mind with this, you can try using the loading indicators and animations to give them an assurance that the mobile app is still working, but it’s just waiting for the phone network. A progressive indicator is always better.

3. App Testing Before Launching

It is important to test your mobile application before you launch it in the market. You should have an experience in prior of how the users will see your app. Your app should be creative, easy to understand and deliver high performance. Testing it before the launch will allow you to iron out any nooks and crannies before it reaches the mass market.

4. Make It Different and Interesting

We all know there are tons of mobile apps in the world and let’s face the fact that even when your mobile apps idea is the only one, you will find another that’s similar with your idea. So make it different.

User wants something new. Even if there are thousand similar ideas, make yours different and interesting enough for user. This may take a lot creativity and research, but it’s worth to try.

5. Who is Your Audience?

Defining your target audience is very important as the audience plays a huge impact on the development of your mobile application. All these questions such as who will be using this app, and how is it going to help them, be answered well before hand. If you meet your user’s expectations, your smartphone app is likely to get more popularity.

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