7 Types of Push Notification to Engage Your Mobile Apps User 2

7 Types of Push Notification to Engage Your Mobile Apps User

Push Notification is feature that some developers might forget how important it is. It’s an informative messages delivered to mobile app users when they are not actively browsing the app. Push Notification can display logo, text, logo, images and sometimes sound alert to catch users’ attention and give them relevant updates about new products, offers and important activities going on through the app.

It is made to engage users and let the know about everything happening with the apps which is why it has to be effective for user. The design and content has to be interesting enough to make sure mobile apps user click it. There are various types of Push Notification you can build to engage your mobile apps user. Here they are:

1. Regular Push Notification

7 Types of Push Notification to Engage Your Mobile Apps User

Message with regular text and logo. This is by far the most simple design of push notification since it doesn’t have picture.

2. Rich Push Notification

This push notification is similar with the regular one. Rich Push Notification allows you to add images, maps and videos to your messages.

3. Interactive Push Notification

Push notification that’s interactive for User. It will make user give a feedback. Mostly contains of link that will lead to open the page. You can see user’s respond with this push notification type.

4. In App Up

Popping Up once the user open the app. It helps users access targeted content that is responsive to their needs and behaviours. The good thing is, it still works even if user disable the push notification.

5. Geolocation

7 Types of Push Notification to Engage Your Mobile Apps User 1

It is a push notification that will be delivered to your user based on their location. The location will be detected real time and push notification will be sent directly.

6. Geo Fence Push Notification

It is similar with Geolocation push notification. This one allows you to deliver push notification when user is entering certain area.

7. iBeacon Push Notification

iBeacon is transmitting Bluetooth signal and let user with certain mobile apps receive push notification. The notification will be popped up when user is in the range of iBeacon.

Deciding which one is suitable enough for your mobile apps user to engage them. An interactive push notification makes your mobile apps boosted because the user loves it. Make sure you’re not putting all of the push notification types at once. Read what you should do in your mobile apps and what you should not to do with it before choosing your push notification.


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