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Mobile App market, especially Android has big potential. Almost 46% Android App user is paying customer and use it for game, app, utilities, transport, and booking. Prediction says on 2017, there will be 268 million download with estimate revenue up to $77 Billion.

One of countries with high mobile app consumption is Indonesia. With high potential of market, sources says Indonesia with 250 million citizens, owns 320 million active internet users.

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Mobile app market growth is increasing and we need development strategy from developers for this market challenge.

For example is Game App Development, it requires much effort in development process and months to develop one game apps. Unfortunately, game is not a long term trend. User tends to change their preferred games. That’s why developers need to launch different version or even more games to keep the stage up.

Another problem is utilities application. Mostly used by everyone in their daily life, help their job done faster and easier. Main problem for developers is, Android upgrade their operating system regularly. Android upgrade their OS up to 4-5 times in a year. Developers need to do fast upgrade too on their apps if they want to keep their apps run well.

That’s one of challenges for startup developer. Fast upgrades that requires a lot of works while they’re is still in market test phase.

Another important thing is infrastructure problem. Developers build the infrastructure from the start. This process consumes time and energy. They still have problem with OS upgrade, patch mobile app, and cloud infrastructure, and other problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

I can feel how complicated it is.

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An Android Mobile App developer will use Mobile Backend as a Service to build their apps easily and save developing process time spent. Mobile BAckend as a Service will fasten their development process and management time. With this solution, they can see traction and revenue or user growth of their apps.


The picture above tells us data about how Android Mobile Developer has big market in the world.

If you are a developers, you will feel the problems are getting more and more complicated. Your revenue will stuck and you lose your market. The more you try to fix it one by one, market has grown faster that you thought.

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Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service is a solution for Android Mobile Developer. It enables you to cut off development time and make your apps more competitive.

It is also similar as in smartwatch integration, smart hand fit and other devices. With lifestyle trends happening, combining with hardware devices are great idea to disrupt the market.

It triggers IoT (Internet of Things) application to be daily needs. With sensors, Internet of Things turns environment smarter. It becomes one of challenges and boundaries for  Android Mobile Developers.

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Fortunately, Mesosfer answers the problem. Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service helps developers to create mobile apps in a simple way and deliver faster to the market. Android Mobile Developers can cut off  development process and focus to build concrete solution for user. 

If you are Android Mobile Developer, choose the most valuable strategy for your apps. If you keep using traditional concept in developing apps and deliver in app purchase straight away, how do you survive with competitors?

Are you Mobile App Developer? Join Mesosfer now for better solution.

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