Backend for Mobile App Android and iOS

Backend for Mobile App Android and iOS are more competitive these days. Many startups adding Backend Service for Mobile Apps in their project. It is simply makes everything easier for them. For example, when it comes to cloud infrastructure, startups have to figure out a long way to connect and manage with their apps. This could take a lot of time to build and startup could lose with their competitors.


Backend service can easily eliminate these steps. For short, Backend Service is handling backend development and connect to cloud infrastructure faster that way developer can build their apps  and focus in the front end development immediately. Backend Service also makes delivery process faster and competitive for market.

But using Backend for Mobile app Android and iOS could be tricky too. Developer is required to understand the main concern for their apps. Each apps has different target market, features, and needs. Developers need to choose Backend service that support their needs for mobile apps. Knowing what features that’s available in Backend Service is important. Here are some features that’s supported in Backend Service:

1. Powerful Feature

Backend for Mobile Apps has similar features. For developers, they can engage their user and manage the mobile apps performance in one platform. Feature that is available in Backend Service for developers are mostly about these thing and also some features such as develop in various platforms, work in team, and cloud infrastructure. These important features can help developers to build their apps faster and easily maintain them.

2. Elastic Cloud Platform

This is needed when an app hit many user and the server begins to lag that impact on the mobile apps performance. It makes user disappointed with the apps and uninstall them rights away. Elastic Cloud Platform in Backend Service will manage your apps usage. The more people downloading your apps, the more you Backend Service will handle the load management. You app will work perfectly and you don’t have to set up manually.

3. Connect to your Hardware

Beside building a mobile apps, some MBaaS will let you connect to hardware for a wider implementation. This include Internet of Things Solution. For example is in Mesosfer. Developers or Startup can connect not only hardware device but also a beacon. It makes them build an easy implementation for Internet of Things and they can also manage the apps in the same platform.

4. Available API and SDK

This part is important if you need to develop your apps in multi platform. Developers team can also working on the mobile apps at the same time anywhere. Easy access for developers to work on the mobile apps faster. Backend Service also provide developers with SDK for multi platforms to ease their works.

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