Backend Server for Android App for Easier Development

Backend Server for Android App is currently become developers favorite. Android developer build their mobile apps in backend server because it is easier for them to enhance and manage their apps in the same platform. They also use the same Backend Server to develop their apps faster, that way they can hit the market faster.

Mesosfer is one of Backend Server for Android. Providing various features for developers to help them develop an Android Mobile Apps, Mesosfer also helps developer to maintain their apps performance. Developing mobile apps is complicated. Especially in the cloud infrastructure. Mesosfer is taking care of the process and make Android mobile apps development easier.

There are various feature that’s provided by Mesosfer:

1. Real Time Experience


This feature will let you know any updates about your peripherals. Once you connect your peripherals to Mesosfer, you will get real time experience about everything in your apps. Mesosfer also delivers, receives, and manages all your data in real time.

2. API and SDK are Available

Mesosfer eases your integration process with API and SDK that’s available for your mobile apps development. With the same backend, Mesosfer provides you SDK for iOS, Android, and Javascript. If you haven’t had any SDK available for your platform yet, you can use REST API directly.

3. Push Notification

To improve your engagement with users, Mesosfer provides you with Push Notification feature. Our real time push notification enables a powerful targeting for your user. You can send push notification or promotions to users and get their feedback directly.

4. Elastic Cloud Infrastructure


By using the Mobile Backend as a Service, developers do not need additional hosting because it has given database hosting in one platform. Developers can also integrate with other cloud service hosting as this is optional in MBaaS platform. Some of Mobile Backend as a Service allows you to build mobile applications or web applications in a comprehensive cloud server infrastructure.

The cloud infrastructure will work based on the apps performance. They can enhance the server automatically if the apps is accessed by many people to avoid crash.

5. Analytic

Mesosfer analytic feature helps you to track your apps performance. This feature can improve your marketing workflow and track any data point in your application in your analytical dashboard.

Backend Server for Android Mobile App has different pricing range. Their subscription is available if you want to build an Android apps that launch quickly and high quality.

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