Batch 2 Code with Mesosfer: 14 Days Challenge

Mesosfer would like to invite you for our 14 days challenge in Code With Mesosfer. You have 14 days time to build mobile app or web app in Mesosfer platform. The challenge is for intermediate developer. The prices are available for the participants who have the best application.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Participants are intermediate developers in Indonesia residence only.
  2. Simple application of web app or mobile app.
  3. The theme is Tourism.
  4. Developers are allowed to build any types of application as long as in the same theme.
  5. Mesosfer Team will check your coding.
  6. Mesosfer Team will check your idea for consideration.
  7. Coding result is participants’ privacy.

Terms and Condition of Code with Mesosfer 14 Days Challenge

  • Event is started from 14-27 November 2016 (00.00 WIB)
  • Participants must be using Mesosfer
  • Regirtration and Upload your source code on Hack.Mesosfer
  • Provide a screenshot of your coding in the Github page.

Help and Guidelines

These tutorials will help you in this challenge. Check them out! 🙂

The Price


First winner of best Application will get a 4G Smartphone


3 VRBox-2 is also available for 3 best participants of this competition.

This event is available for public. Mesosfer will create another challenge in the next batch. You can join the challenge and get the price. Good luck!

How to Sign Up to This Event

Register your apps to Hack.Mesosfer and click to the event: Batch 2 Code with Mesosfer 14 Days Challenge.


Then fill in the data and your details:


This event is not affiliated with any sponsor. Please note that Mesosfer doesn’t charge Participants to join this competition. Therefore, Mesosfer is not responsible to any loss caused by scamming about this event.

Good luck!

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