Benefits of Using BaaS Providers

One of most fast growing trends in IT is Backend as a Service. A Backend is where developers can easily set up their application and operate a cloud backend. With market that will reach $7.7 Billion by 2017, enterprise and startup are eyeing the trend of Backend Providers.

As every trends come, the same question comes. How long will this trend last?

Actually the answer could depend on how’s the situation in IT world. For now, mobile apps is a thing that really happening. That’s why people needs Backend as a Service. It makes their development process easier and faster. They can focus on delivery and marketing strategy instead.

If you are planning on developing mobile apps, using Backend as a Service provider is the most efficient way to build. Here are some benefits of using Backend as a Service Provider:

1. Time Saving


Backend development is time consuming. It takes many days to do the task of connecting back-end data to the front end and it is also particularly painful for front-end developers. Backend as a Service can reduce time spent on this type of development, front-end developers can begin to focus more on UI/UX to build more innovative products.

2. Building a True IoT Ecosystem

By putting application infrastructure on the cloud, it helps bring us that much closer to a true “Internet of Things” ecosystem. BaaS brings together the standard elements of an operating system while also unifying resources in a single system for mobile developers to access. access now can be done everywhere.

3. Great Solution for Your Startup

backend as a servce providers

Backend as a Service package can be a good solution if you expect your startup to be relatively short-lived on the market – for example, up to 2 years, which is common for mobile games. BaaS package can be subscribed yearly. Others have different subscription method but most of Backend as a Service providers has similar method. You can choose package that suitable for your startup.

Backend as a Service is the solution for startups who wants to deliver their application faster. You can focus on the delivery and marketing strategy instead of spending more time in complicated development process.

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