Blog Competition: Review with Mesosfer

Blog Competition Review with Mesosfer is another challenge held by Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service for every Blogger in Indonesia.

Following up Mesosfer Soft Launch, we hold the next challenge for everyone who wants to have a chance to win a grand price from us.

Here are the Requirements..

  1. Participants are Indonesia residence only.
  2. Own a blog with TLD domain, edu domain, or
  3. Willing to review about Mesosfer
  4. Willing to put a backlink in the post
  5. Mesosfer Team will check your content.

Terms and condition

  1. Register yourself in Hack.Mesosfer
  2. Article posted has to be about reviewing Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service or a tutorial of simple code using Mesosfer.
  3. The article must be linked to in anchor “Mobile Backend as a Service
  4. The article must contain minimum 400 words.
  5. Participants are allowed to submit in Bahasa or English.
  6. We will pick 2 winners every week within November 14th to December 15th, 2016.

Example Link and Content

  1. Mobile Backend as a Service Feature thats Great for Your Apps – Bob Maulana Adam
  2. Mobile Backend as a Service – Tegar Imansyah
  3. What is Good Backend Server for Your Mobile Apps – Ainur Rahmaniyah
  4. Mesosfer : Mobile Backend as a Service – Ari Sudarma

The Price


Each winner will get free VRBox from Mesosfer.

This event is not affiliated with any sponsor. Please note that Mesosfer doesn’t charge Participants to join this competition. Therefore, Mesosfer is not responsible to any loss caused by scamming about this event.

How to Sign up for This Event

Go to Hack.Mesosfer and sign up your blog post!

Choose the event: Blog Competition Review with Mesosfer.


Fill in Your data and details about your blog submission.


Then, all is set! You can sit back and wait for the announcement. Good luck!

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