Build Starter Project for iOS Mobile App using Mesosfer – Part 1

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to Build Starter Project for iOS Mobile App using Mesosfer Backend as a Service. Download all code:


1. Introduction

This section will show you about How to Build Starter Project for iOS Mobile App using Mesosfer Backend as a Service. There will be 8 sessions of tutorial. You will be able to create iOS Application in easiest and fastest way as possible using Mesosfer Backend as a Service.

For the first session, you will learn about creating starter iOS project using Mesosfer. For detail information about Mesosfer and the features, you can visit Mesosfer Website and Mesosfer Documentation.

2. Prerequisites

To follow the step in this tutorial, you should set up some prerequisites below:

3. Getting Started

Open Xcode, create your starter project through File -> New -> Single View Application.


4. Framework & Library Setup

Download the latest Mesosfer FrameworkThen drag the Mesosfer.framework into the Frameworks sections in your Xcode project. For additions, ensure the following frameworks and a library exist in your project :

  • SystemConfiguration.framework

  • Security.framework

  • QuartzCore.framework

  • CoreLocation.framework

  • CoreGraphics.framework

  • CFNetwork.framework

  • AudioToolbox.framework

  • libsqlite3.0.tbd

5. SDK Initialization

Before using Mesosfer SDK, we need to import the module first. Add this line below on your header file :



Then, add this line below to your AppDelegate class within didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method to initialize Mesosfer SDK :



Don’t forget to replace the parameters with your applicationId and clientKey.

6. Conclusion

We’ve made a starter project for iOS using Mesosfer. It only needs one line of code to build it. Easy, right?
Mesosfer helps you connect your project to the cloud. Cut off the development process so you can straight into the delivery process instead stumble on the complicated infrastructure.

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