Mobile Game Backend as a Service Provider

Mobile Application becomes popular things these days. It will generate $44.8 Billion in gross revenue by 2016 which 80% of it comes from Mobile game. 

source: Newzoo

Currently there are 3.39 Billion mobile user worldwide and 2.3 billion of them are using smartphone. With this high potential of mobile application market, especially in Mobile Gaming, developers are competing to create their apps to reach their market. But sometimes, what they expect is quite different with the reality.

Mobile gaming developers need to catch up with every updates of every smartphone and their OS which is pretty much changing many times in a year. For short, mobile game developers need years to develop their game but their once they finished the development, all the smartphone and OS have changed. How do they catch up with all of these upgrades?

Backend as a Service (some also call this Mobile Backend as a Service) can be the answer. It helps developers cut off all the complicated process of mobile gaming development and build their apps faster. Which can be their new weapon in creating mobile gaming apps that keeps catch up with every upgrades of smartphone. It doesn’t even take too long to develop, also doesn’t take too much cost. They can save the development money for their marketing strategy and front end part.

So what will you get if  you are using Backend as a Service for your mobile gaming?

  • Handle player needs, monetize safely, engage users, less coding, fewer costs, skip backend management – the industry is changing and you need to be ready for online gaming.
  • Game developers in studios of all sizes have boosted their position in the market by equipping the teams with tools to build modern games supported by a robust backend technology.
  • If you’re creating original, corporate, or serious games, join the community of more than +1.211 developers in Gamedonia who are already building.

The Asia-Pacific app market will account for 56 percent of global app revenues this year, or $25.7 billion, and will grow to $42.9 billion by 2020, a CAGR of 17.4 percent.


So if you decide to use Backend as a Service as solution in developing Mobile gaming application, here are some Backend tools you need for development process:

1. High-Performance of Cloud Infrastructure

Traditional way makes developers build their initial game on low-performance machine in a private data center. That’s pretty cost saving for developers especially for the start but this strategy fails. The cause of its failure is due to fail in high-performance gameplay and user growth explosion that caused crashed on the mobile apps itself.

Investing in Mobile Backend as a Service can be a great choice. In fact, the price of BaaS is various and most of them are subscription. Whether you subscribe for monthly or yearly, it is suitable because gaming market is based on user interest which changing in period of time.

2. NoSQL Databases

This feature is available in Backend as a Service. Developers of Mobile gaming application needs more than one database even if they’re doing a simple mobile game. We are in the era of open-source NoSQL databases. Dedvelopers can have an open-source technology with robust communities behind in a single place. NoSQL databases are more also more flexible and offer better performance.

3. Application and Server Monitoring


Mobile Backend as a Service provide monitoring server and application performance. To ensure that your apps runs well and not troubled in transaction speed, error rates, and slow load times because those things can be a turn off for players.

4. Log Management

Mobile Games Application produces tons of data. Most of it unstructured and complex. For start, maybe you don’t feel it much because few friends play your game right now. The complexity of gamer volume, gameplay transactions, and gamer lifespan, among other things, will produce enormous data once your mobile game becomes a big hit.

Backend as a Service can minimize those problems and deliver best experience of mobile gaming for your players. Backend is also able to improve gameplay experience, identifying your top players and quickly bringing the game experience back to normal in the event of service disruption.

As the market of mobile gaming is very big, some strategy is also needed to build the apps. I wrote some tips about developing mobile application which you can read here.

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