How to Store Data from ESP8266 into Mesosfer Backend as a Service using Arduino IDE

This tutorial is about How to Store Data from ESP8266 into Mesosfer Backend as a Service using Arduino IDE


In this section you will learn about How to Store Data from ESP8266 into Mesosfer Backend as a Service using Arduino IDE. We will try to create a real time data storing from ESP8266. Script, code, and all of them are already handled by Mesosfer. You only need to install and config, then run. It’s very simple, isn’t it?


To follow this tutorial, you will need to prepare these items below :

Getting Started

Firstly, you have to create application on Mesosfer cloud platform and choose EMBEDDED for Application Type  like picure below :


If you have an embedded application on Mesosfer cloud platform, click detail to create bucket that will be used to collect your data from ESP8266. Follow the step to create bucket like picture below :


After bucket is created, you can define column based on your need. Click menu add column on right toolbar then do the following step. It’s so flexible, isn’t it?


Mesosfer provide many data types for each column such as String, Number, Boolean, Date, etc.


When your bucket is ready to receive metadata, you can setup the devices data. Go to device menu then define our topic as channel for communication, don’t forget to connect with a bucket that has been defined.


Everything in the Mesosfer setup has been completed, let’s jump in to your device. In this section you do not need to code. Follow this step below then put code that was provided into your Arduino IDE.

Firstly, we need to install module ESP8266 for more detail follow this link. Then you also have to install library pubsubclient, open Sketch->Import Library->Manage Library then search & install pubsubclient. Then put code above to your IDE :

Setup your SSID & Password, fill topic and metadata. Then compile and deploy into your device. After your device is running, check on your bucket, the result will be like the picture below:



We’ve tried to store data using ESP8266 with zero coding. So It can reduce your development time. Mesosfer provide almost all the items you need. So enjoy creating your Mobile application using Mesosfer Cloud Platform.

Mesosfer helps you connect your project to the cloud. Cut off the development process so you can straight into the delivery process instead stumble on the complicated infrastructure.

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