Introduction to Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service

This post is dedicated to everyone who’s curious about developing new innovations and need a powerful technology to help them cut off the process. Also for those who wants to innovate by connecting their hardware and building Internet of Things ecosystem. Mesosfer can be your choice to enhance your powerful innovations in an easy way as possible.

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Backend as a Service (BaaS) or also known as Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is a cloud computing system where engineers can build their web apps in an easy way and also cut off the setup process, manage, and operate the cloud backend system.

It is an engineer tools to create an apps and connect the data to the cloud. While most of the process takes a long time to do, BaaS simplifies the process and cut off straight to the apps result. Makes most of engineers connect their apps to the Cloud easily and deliver the apps as fast as possible.

BaaS platform also allows engineers to store, manage, and access their data through the platform.

Why You Should Use BaaS

Now that you have a glimpse on how BaaS helps your apps-developing life, this next subject is going to be the phase where you will be more ensure on why you should use Backend as a Service to develop your apps:

  • Your personal data storage.
    In order in developing apps, you have to save a lot of data. BaaS helps you to link you to the Backend cloud storage. It will be easy for you to send push notification, file storage, monitoring and integration and social integration.
  • Easy Access
    To ease you developing apps, BaaS provides you with easy access to your apps. With real time data, you can view details about your apps and manage the workflow everywhere.
  • SDK Available
    BaaS Provides SDK for engineers to build their apps in many programming languages. These are available in every BaaS to help them out when it comes to build an apps and delivery process.

IoT Platform

The so called Internet of Things (IoT) – which is predicted to be one of major industries by 2020 where million of sensors will be connected – has made million engineers build an IoT innovation. To build this, they need a fast and easy way to turn their product into IoT enabled.

Internet of Things Platform is exist because it eases application deployment, and also manage and control of the connected devices. It provides secure connection between hardware and the cloud. Makes engineers build their IoT product faster and saving times in terms of launching their Innovation.


Nowadays, the hype of mobile apps happens in startups and even enterprise. The development process of an apps is already hard and not including the delivery process.

Mesosfer comes to ease every development process of building an apps. We cut off the process straight to the easy way. You can innovate and Mesosfer will take care of the rest development process. It makes you have more time to prepare for the delivery process and launching your prouct.

By Building your Apps through Mesosfer, you can save your precious time. Instead of wasting most of it in apps development, Leave it to Mesosfer and you can focus on the delivery process.

As Mesosfer provides you an easy cut-off for your apps development process, It also helps you to connect your hardware and connect them to the Internet. Makes engineers build an Internet of Things ecosystem easily with various ways as possible.

By connecting the hardware through Mesosfer, you can easily build IoT ecosystem with your product. Get a real time analytics and hit the market in a right time as you want.

Mesosfer’s Features

Mesosfer comes with and elastic cloud service. Manual integration won’t be needed when user’s loading is increasing. You can focus on the delivery instead of development process. With Private Cloud and OnPremise Service, you can manage your own backend privately that also suitable for enterprise solution.


Push Notification service is provided for you who prioritize engagement between apps and user. Get direct feedback of user’s experience from their own and execute what your users need most. Mesosfer’s Multi Platform service is also available for engineers who wish to develop various apps. Whether it’s a web apps or mobile apps. Multi platform service makes Mesosfer one stop solution to build various apps at once.

Why You Should Choose Mesosfer

There are various platforms out there that enable engineers to build their specific product. Whether it’s a BaaS to build apps or IoT Platform for IoT devices. In this case, Mesosfer comes as a single place to manage either an apps or IoT Device.

Mesosfer gives you direct real time experience to your product. Once you connect your IoT Peripherals to Mesosfer, you will be able to deliver, receive, and manage your data all at one place. Beside features that has been explained previously, Mesosfer provides you with private SDK and API for your own apps. Available in iOS, Android, and Javascript to ease your integration and apps development.

Choosing Mesosfer as one place for MBaaS and IoT Platform can give you full control of your IoT devices and your apps. Mesosfer’s analytics gives you detail about each insight to help you execute the next step and launch your product is fastest way as possible.


You can choose to build your apps manually and spend more time in development process or you can connect your IoT device to an IoT platform and regularly check different platform to ensure both are working well, but instead of doing all those things you can use Mesosfer to manage your apps and connect your IoT devices in one place.

Same place, same features, same analytics, but more simple.

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