Mobile Backend as a Service Provider for Startup

Many startups and enterprise build their project in Mobile Backend as a Service or MBaaS. Startups choose Mobile Backend as a Service in their working process because it gives them more time to focus on the front end and delivery process.

Mobile Backend as a Service will handle the backend integration of a mobile application and taking care the infrastructure. Complicated part in developing mobile application is in the infrastructure part.


The Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed 300 senior mobile practitioners around the world and published β€˜The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016’. One finding of the survey was that the most common budget size for the next 12-18 months was $250,000–$500,000 chosen by 29.1 per cent of respondents β€” followed by 25.3% who answered over $1.5 million. They also spend a lot amount of time in developing. This number is familiar for startup because it is a good investment for them as long as their mobile application is running well.


The reason why a startup needs to use Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is simply because they have to do their work faster. Mobile application has been a major need for everyone today. Everyday, we can see million apps has been downloaded. It makes startup has to compete with others. One of the way to compete is launch and apps faster.

The best Mobile Backend as a Service for Startup has to contain many features that they need. The features of Mobile Backend as a Service is important to make the mobile application more engaging with the user. It also has to provide analytic of the apps detail. Some of those features are:

1. Push Notification

Push Notification delivers the best offer, update and engagement to your customers. It is an easy way to make your customer comes back to your apps and get a feedback from them.

2. Elastic Cloud Platform

When your apps is accessed by many people, elastic cloud platform can be a solution to make your apps running well. They will elastically grow based on the access of your apps.

3. Connect to your Hardware

Beside building a mobile apps, some MBaaS will let you connect to hardware for a wider implementation. This include Internet of Things Solution. For example is in Mesosfer. Developers or Startup can connect not only hardware device but also a beacon. It makes them build an easy implementation for Internet of Things and they can also manage the apps in the same platform.

Before you start choosing the right Mobile Backend as a Service, make sure you know what your mobile apps needs. That way you can decide what features you are going to use in Mobile Backend as a Service so you are not wasting your money on something unnecessary.

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