Mobile Developer Meetup with Mesosfer

Mobile Developer is taking important part for future. They’re shaping the future with interesting trend that’s followed by everyone right now, Mobile Apps. With million people has a smartphone in their hand, Mobile Apps trend has been following up the growth of smartphone.

Mesosfer is supporting all mobile developer by holding a Mobile Developer Meet up with Live Coding Session of creating Mobile apps with Mobile Backend as a Service.


The event is collaboration with SUWEC or Surabaya Web Community in order to share Mobile Apps Developer. The event will be held onĀ December 10th, 2016. It takes place on the new Gerdhu Building on Perumahan Wisma Mukti Klampis Anom VIII/F150, Surabaya.

It will also talk about Cloud architecture and Mobile Development Cost Strategy. The event will introduce the next incubator program that SUWEC and GERDHU or Digital Creative Building.

Join the event here!

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