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Adi Sunardy asked 7 months ago

Related with my (open) question before, may any body share the detail about how AR25 reader communicate with mqtt broker (non-mesosfer) to transfer the payload data?
I have configured the reader to send the data to server but no data has been published to the broker. I have test with to publish messages manually to this server and it worked perfectly.
I have also created a local mqtt broker and able to using this broker to send messages using mosquitto CLI, but no data has been received from AR25 Reader.
What could be wrong? Please help with it.

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Badrullami Staff answered 7 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. Have you check that all LED blinking? May I have your Cubeacon Reader Tool screenshot in menu backend?
Mohammad Badrullami

Adi Sunardy replied 7 months ago

All LED are blinking, i’ve posted the screenshot HERE:

Thanks for looking at this matter 🙂



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