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Jordan Maulana asked 3 years ago

is this android program API call?

MesosferData data = MesosferData.createWithObjectId("7IaLsNOkWy");
// fetching the data
data.fetchAsync(new GetCallback<MesosferData>() {
public void done(MesosferData data, MesosferException e) {
// check if there is an exception happen
if (e != null) {
// handle the exception
MesosferObject object = data.getData();
// fetch data succeeded

and python program :

resp = requests.put('',
headers={'Content-Type':'application/json', 'Authorization':'Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN', 'X-Mesosfer-AppId':'APP_ID', 'X-Mesosfer-AppKey':'APP_KEY'})

are those two using API call?
if yes, i’m in a big problem because those are for real-time monitoring.

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Badrullami Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jordan,
Yes, methods that you used are using API Call. All mobile backend provider typically same like that. 

Jordan Maulana answered 3 years ago


Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jordan,
Are you satisfied with Badrullami’s answer? If yes, please click the check button. If you don’t, please let me know what Mesosfer community can do for you.

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