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Muhammad Irwantoro asked 3 years ago

because my limit in language, i want speak in Indonesia.
i hope other member too, become more active and ask their question here with their native language.
anyone agree with me, vote up !

Jordan Maulana replied 3 years ago

kalo mesosfer ini yang pake orang luar juga, mending bahasa inggris..
kalo mesosfer buat indonesia aja ya okelah., 😀

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Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Muhammad Irwantoro!
Thank you for your suggestion.
The reason why Mesosfer is using English is because It is an upgraded platform of Cubeacon backend. This means that half of the users is using English as their communication language. You may be able to use Bahasa to submit your question, but I’m afraid that when you submit an important question in Bahasa, other developers might not understand it since they can’t understand Bahasa.
I really appreciate your suggestion, but we all wants Mesosfer to be owned by every developers too.
And about the limit of your English, don’t be shame. Those who want to try but fail are still better than those who don’t. So even though your English is not really good, try it out! 🙂
Hope my answer suits you well. Have a nice day!

Muhammad Irwantoro answered 3 years ago

i see. Upgraded platform of Cubeacon backend

Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Muhammad Irwantoro,
Are you satisfied with my answer? If yes, then please click the check button to solve this question. 
If you don’t, please let me know what can Mesosfer community do for you.

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