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Ignatius Alex asked 2 years ago

In my MesosferApp i’ve implement CBBoostrapListener,  So, what i want is when the device enter the beacon region and trigger didEnterRegion, I want to get that beacon parameter(minor). As you can see onCreate(), I make this app do scan all becon with spesific uuid and major. The param that i’ve been spesified is not null (major+uuid), but the minor is null.
Is there anything i can do to get minor without have to specified it on new CBRegion?

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public void onCreate() {
//enable Mesosfer Push notification

// initialize Mesosfer SDK - PetraIndoorNavigation App
Mesosfer.initialize(this, "xxxx", "xxxx");

// set Cubeacon SDK log level to verbose mode

// initializing Cubeacon SDK
new CBRegion("com.eyro.cubeacon.bootstrap_region",

public void didEnterRegion(CBRegion cbRegion) {
Log.d("DID", "Entering region: " +cbRegion+
"UUID: "+cbRegion.getMinor());

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Alann Maulana Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ignatius,
Please read Cubeacon SDK for Android Wiki within Region section. If you need to get a specific beacon parameters like Proximity UUID + Major + Minor when entering or exiting region, you need to define all the parameters when setup region.
There is an example about how to using dynamic scan beacon by using a backend, you can check the sample code here and the complete tutorials here.

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