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Januar Ikmal asked 2 years ago

Hi Mesosfer 🙂
I’m new guy in developing iBeacon, is there any tutorial about how to create Story line and push it to android app? i’ve try tutorial in this link
the i run the App, the toast “Chek in” and “Check out” is showing. but the pop up which contain text 
“You are already checked in at 7.35 o’clock, such a great morning. We hope today will be a great day for you!” etc
not showing on app.
Thanks before 🙂

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Alann Maulana Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Januar,
You need to follow these 3 tutorial step by step :

You can download all the tutorials source code here

Januar Ikmal replied 2 years ago

Yes, i already try those link and used app from the source code on the link, but still the pop up not showing from story line like video on youtube on that link.

and for “beacons”: [“sGwuqbrcwS”] value, i must fill with beacons value located on Beacon menu, then i get the value from ObjectId, right?

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