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Tiyo asked 3 years ago

I recently created a droplet for ubuntu 16.04. Following one of the tutorials I set up ssh login and disabled login with username password. I also set up a firewall.
I am able to login to my droplet using my ssh keys. I then purchased a domain and pointed it to the digitalocean nameservers. I have checked the details and the domain is pointing to the correct location.
I initiated a process to print a string in my droplet. If I open another console within the droplet and fire the command ‘curl localhost:8124‘, it returns me the correct output. However if I try accessing the process using the ip address like ‘curl <ip address>:8124‘, I get an error message. This command does not work even if I fire it within the digital ocean console.
I have modified my firewall settings to accept TCP connections for port 8124. I am not able to figure out what is the error.
Kindly let me know if my question seems to be ambiguous and needs more clarity.

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Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

You may need to allow the Port 8124 for the IP address you have for the droplet.
like iptables -I INPUT -s <IP_ADDRESS> -p tcp -j ACCEPT
or iptables -I INPUT -s <IP_ADDRESS> -p tcp -j ACCEPT

Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

Did you install curl library?
To install curl use the following commands
with php 5.0 : apt-get install php5-curl
with php7 : apt-get install php7.0-curl

Girly Saputri Staff answered 3 years ago

did you make a test with just the offical FacebookRedirectLoginHelper from official GitHub? I have used the Facebook SDK a couple of times and never had a problem with missing returns.

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