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Rah Yuliantoro asked 2 years ago

Apakah Mesosfer menggunakan Parse Server? Jika ya, apakah jika di kemudian hari saya mau menggunakan self-hosted Parse Server, saya bisa transfer app saya langsung ke hosting saya sendiri?

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Girly Saputri Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Yuliantoro
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Mesosfer don’t use Parse Server, Backend form Mesosfer is different with Parse Server. Mesosfer can be install onpremise in your self host. Make sure for your request with Mesosfer architecture :


Rah Yuliantoro replied 2 years ago

Are you sure? I see that the look and feel and the development flow of Mesosfer is very similar to the outsourced Parse Server. I need to know because, if yes, I can have developers who are familiar with Parse Server when developing with Mesosfer. Thanks

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