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Jordan Maulana asked 3 years ago

i followed PHP tutorial for mesosfer in GitHub

i have installed all the requirements, but i wonder why it did not work at all..
if i miss the requirement, there will be an error, yes i experienced it .
Now i got all the requirements in latest version, there is no error anymore..
My code is as the same as in the tutorial.. why did not work???

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Jordan Maulana answered 3 years ago

yes all were successful..
i can login with my android in all account..

but just like i said before..
are you sure it’s not because of Mac? hehe

it is not a big problem for me by the way..

Badrullami Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jordan,
It’s not about the operating system. Please try again to run your scenario. Register with android login in php or python, vice versa. 

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