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Michael Aditya asked 4 years ago

Hi, I’m following these tutorials:

How to Build Starter Project Android Mobile Apps in Mesosfer Backend as a Service

How to Build Signup Android Mobile Apps in Mesosfer Backend as a Service

But when I’m trying to register user, my app crashed and the logcat indicate that there is a problem with registerAsync on RegisterUser Activity.
Here’s my code:
Class MesosferApp:
Activity RegisterUser:
What is most likely causing this problem and how to solve it?

Perhaps, it is similar to this question:

Error While Trying to Register

but I didn’t understand the resolve clearly.
Thank you 🙂

2 Answers
Michael Aditya answered 4 years ago

Okay, already solved it, after tracing the SDK classes.
My conclusion is you MUST set at least one custom field (must add newUser.setData(“whateverKey”,”whateverValue”); to my code) although I didn’t want to use any custom field.

Alann Maulana Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Michael,
We’re sorry for the trouble. We already managing to solve this issue on our SDK so it can be released soon. Thanks.

Michael Aditya replied 4 years ago

Hi Alann,
It’s okay. Hope your SDK will become better and better by accommodating community’s feedback!

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