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Adi Sunardy asked 3 years ago

I’ve managed to push the data from AR25 Reader into Mesosfer. I’ve created some column in my bucket as below:

  • uuid –> string
  • major –> string
  • minor –> string
  • rssi –> string
  • IsEnterState –> boolean

all of the data has been appeared in my bucket except the rssi column. It said (undefined). Last time i’ve discussed with Cubeacon Team, they mentioned that the reader able to read the rssi level from the transmitter (CMIIW), so i’ve assumed there will be a field named rssi in the data sent to mesosfer.
Please somebody confirm it?

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Badrullami Staff answered 3 years ago

If you wan’t to extract rssi data, please use another broker server and change your beacon distance tobe 0. Then you can log payload data using sample code below :

var mqtt = require('mqtt')
var client  = mqtt.connect('mqtt://')

.on('connect', function () {

client.on('message', function (topic, message) {

Plese refer to this link.
Hope it helps.
Mohammad Badrullami

Adi Sunardy replied 3 years ago

Thanks Pak Badrullami,

It’s mean i have to configure a mqtt client (consumer) on my site to read the payload data from mosquiito as the mqtt broker?

Adi Sunardy answered 3 years ago

I have tried to use another broker ( based on your link) even built my own MQTT Broker on Centos, but no luck to sent the payload from AR25 to the broker. It’s not even connected to the broker (based on LED).
The device got IP address (based on ARP in my LAN Router), and reachable from MQTT Broker (no firewall installed, port 1883 is open). I’ve tried a simple publish message from MQTT client on my MAC over the network to the broker and it’s work. So, i’ve managed to exclude network problem related to this issue.  
Any idea, how to configure AR25 to publish its payload to other MQTT Server? Or maybe Mesosfer could be updated to read rssi data? Please help.

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