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Andre Reinaldi asked 9 months ago

How do you store image on mesosfer ?

3 Answers
Badrullami Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Andre,

Mesosfer has not released for uploading file/image. We will update that feature soon. You can save url image into Mesosfer Bucket for a while. 


Muhtar Arfa replied 9 months ago

How do you call image in SimpleAdapter?

Raka Adi Nugroho replied 9 months ago

coba untuk gunakan recyclerview nah nanti komponenya adapternya tinggal menyesuaikan aja

Muhammad Irwantoro answered 9 months ago

for small image

  1. read image as byte array
  2. encode to base64
  3. push as String

see convert image to base64

Badrullami Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Andre, 
Please follow this tutorial  to store image in Mesosfer.

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