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Andre Reinaldi asked 11 months ago

How do you store image on mesosfer ?

3 Answers
Badrullami Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Andre,

Mesosfer has not released for uploading file/image. We will update that feature soon. You can save url image into Mesosfer Bucket for a while. 


Muhtar Arfa replied 11 months ago

How do you call image in SimpleAdapter?

Raka Adi Nugroho replied 11 months ago

coba untuk gunakan recyclerview nah nanti komponenya adapternya tinggal menyesuaikan aja

Muhammad Irwantoro answered 11 months ago

for small image

  1. read image as byte array
  2. encode to base64
  3. push as String

see convert image to base64

Badrullami Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Andre, 
Please follow this tutorial  to store image in Mesosfer.

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