How to Store Data from Cubeacon Reader AR25 into Mesosfer

This tutorial is about How to Store Data from Cubeacon Reader AR25 into Mesosfer.


In this section you will learn about How to Store Data from Cubeacon Reader AR25 into Mesosfer Backend as a Service. We will try to create a real time data storing from Cubeacon Reader AR25. Script, code, and all of them are already handled by Mesosfer. You only need to install and config, then run. It’s very simple, isn’t it?


To follow this tutorial, you will need to prepare these items below :

Getting Started

Firstly, you have to create application on Mesosfer cloud platform and choose EMBEDDED for Application Type  like picure below :


If you have an embedded application on Mesosfer cloud platform, click detail to create bucket that will be used to collect your data from Cubeacon Reader AR25. Follow the step to create bucket like picture below :


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