Things to Avoid in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps

Things to Avoid in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps

How do you decide your apps look like is important to take note. It might be simple but you have to make your user understand it in a simple way as possible. There are various way of making your apps more friendly like the list of what you should do in UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps.

Once you notice that your apps interface is similar with what you experience in real life, you will understand that it’s more about how to make your users comfortable enough to use your apps everytime. To boost this conversion, you have to avoid some things in your mobile apps. Your user likes your mobile apps simple and enjoyable.

Some developers tend to put everything in their app but forget that their users might not need all of the overwhelming features details. They like it simple and straight to what they want in order to reduce confusion and frustration. To avoid that problem, here are things to avoid in UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps:

1. Design Over Content

Things to Avoid in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps 1

Well it’s cool that your apps have amazing design that amazes whoever seeing it at the first time. But is it saying what your apps supposed to be saying?

Busy backgrounds cause a distraction and take attention away from the content, even more so if the busy background is directly underneath the content. So be wise in picking the design of your apps. Choose color scheme that simple and comfy and pay attention to the typography too. Ensure issues such as line length, line height, kerning, and font choice doesn’t pose issues for readability.

2. Let Users Cannot Scan The Screen

Users scan the whole screen before they landed on a subject that interest them. They basically dislike being told what to do (well, everybody does). So let them screen the entire page first and let them decide. Users often scan for visual cues such as headings, pictures, buttons, and blocks to know where they should focus their attention.

If you put overwhelming design altogether without caring for your content, it makes user confuse of what should they do. Using appropriate headings that are easily seen, pictures to illustrate points, buttons for navigation, and blocks of content that are unique or important help users scan the screen to find what they need.

3. Full of Not Related Contents

How to make someone keep shopping in the same place? Give them everything they interested with. Same goes with your apps. Provide your users with something related with their interest, not what you think they might be interested.

If they shop shoes, show them another similar shoes to choose. Your users want the content they came for without any other interferences or distractions. Do not turn them off with something they don’t want to see.

4. Slow Loading Mobile Apps

Things to Avoid in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps 2

Let’s face the fact that we hate waiting. It’s tiring and wasting our time. That’s why you don’t want your user to waiting for your mobile apps to load.

Keep in mind the impacts of your design choices on the site’s loading time. Large images, lots of jQuery and animations, and loading resources from third party sites hurt your site’s load time. Optimization and key design decisions that reduce site loading time will help keep your visitors on your site.

5. Too Much Carving-for-Attention Design

Pretty much likely filling your content with unrelated content. Avoid design that too much carving for attention. You can help them out by limiting how many call-to-actions you have on the screen, reducing or relocating ads on the site, keeping flashing and animated things to a minimum, and use headings appropriately. Also, not having things pop up at users (i.e. modal boxes) and other things they have to close out to read your content keeps the focus on the content.

The concern of creating apps supposed to be in your users point of view. You can show all of your features and security but you have to make it smooth and simple. Make sure you focus on the things you have to enhance to increase your mobile apps conversion.

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