Things To Do in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps

Things To Do in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps

Basically, how user experience works is similar with how they experience a real life shopping. The store has to be enjoyable enough to make people stay. It also has to ease people to find what they need. Some of retail stores for example, they create various type of services in order to help their customers coming back. Most thing is they give clear direction to the customers.

Similar with the store, your mobile apps supposed to make your users enjoy operating them. It has to make your users feel they know what to do with navigation provided and surely has to lack of confusion. Which means your mobile apps has to be user friendly. Really, nobody likes spending their internet data to download an apps that ended up not working. It’s frustrating!

Retail store might be expert at making their environment so good that people likes to shop and shop again. If you create your own mobile apps, you might wanna take a note on what retail stores has done so you can implement in your apps. Unfortunately, creating a mobile apps is not like creating a store services.

Developers need to understand design of the mobile apps and of course psychology of their user. The store never use a cool tone lamp in the fashion/beauty aisle, they’re using a combination of white and yellow LED to create a warm tone lighting. It makes everything prettier and comfier. That’s why woman cannot stop shopping because they see all of them are beautiful. When if fact it’s just about the lighting. See how retail stores hit their interface about the psychology of woman’s mind.

The interface of your mobile apps design should be as comfortable as how woman looks at fashion/beauty aisle. Although your user is not all women, but you certainly want to try out the interface concept of the stores. To enhance your mobile apps design and interface, here are some topics you might want to improve for your mobile apps:

1. Similar on Every Devices

Ever notice whenever you go to Starbucks the concept is almost similar? Even if it’s on the other side of a country you’re living, you’ll always notice that “Hey, it’s a Starbucks!” from miles away. Your mobile apps should be like that too. You may have web apps, mobile apps, or even a site, but make sure that your user never doubt that it is your apps. They’re also accessing your site/apps from various devices. From tablet, PC, Smartphone, etc. Your design supposed to be ensuring that no matter how the visitor sees your site, they are getting the same experience they would if they were to visit from another device.

2. Provide Navigation

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To make your user experience is more pleasant, providing navigation wouldn’t be a pain. In fact, it is recommended to provide navigation for your user. In the stores they put label to help customers understand where they need to find something. But you can’t just put lots of lots of label in your apps for navigation. That’s going to be annoying. Design your navigation in a way that gets visitors where they want to go with the least amount of clicks as possible while still being easy to scan and locate where they need to go. Make it as simple as possible to help user easy to use your mobile apps.

3. Put Important Thing Visible for User

Where do stores put their most sold out product? In the front. Where do restaurant put their favorite menu? In the front. In this case, you have to put important things to be visible for your user. And by important means what users really need. You might think that every single details of your security features important but user doesn’t need that in details. It might be annoying so show what they really need. You can start by designing where they eyes should focus first. Make the important things such as screen titles, login forms, navigation items, or other important content a focal point so visitors see it right away.

4. Make Sure Every Links are Working

Things To Do in UI and UX Design for Mobile Apps 2

Links to direct your user to where it leads should be working. It is frustrating for your user when they clicked on a link that they’re interested but doesn’t lead to where they wanted. They expect every link to take them where it says it will and without a 404 error or to another place they weren’t expecting.

5. Let Users Control Their Apps Experience

It is good to have auto stuff in your apps. For example is auto detect location that helps user find something nearby. But not every auto is nice. Such as auto play. A site or apps that have auto play video/music is a turn off for user. Things such as auto-play videos, taking away a user’s ability to scroll, music or sounds in the background, and opening links in new tabs/windows irritate users. You have to slow it down a bit and only use auto play when it’e necessary.

Your apps or site must have a comfortable interface for your users. It’s supposed to be helping them finding what they need directly. You have to step back and start checking your apps based on your users’ view. Find out what they love and what your need to get rid of your apps.


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