Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps

By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them, according to Gartner, Inc. The demand makes more engineers to create a user friendly mobile apps. The mobile apps supposed to be making their customers coming back and boosting the conversion of the apps better.

With so many mobile apps being created these days, the demand is getting higher by the pressure of creating an effective mobile apps that provides what customers need. It can be seen that mobile apps these days will likely never survive the market if they don’t have user friendly interface.

If engineers don’t know how to create a user friendly interface, their apps won’t boost the conversion. If you want to know more about creating a user friendly mobile apps based on the demand, here are top 5  criteria of user friendly mobile apps.

1. Easy Go Back

This might sound simple, but nobody likes tap on a Back button but they thrown away to the beginning and had to start all over again. Apps should leverage back functionality so that users don’t feel forced to have to start over from the home screen, which, in some cases, results in losing any unsaved data. Minimize the frustration by making it simple and friendly for user who wants to go back.

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 1

2. Provide Manual Feature

It is more simple when you can find product you’ve searched just by typing the first word on the search box. But manual feature is not so bad too. For example is when you want to find a location but not in your nearby location. There are times when they need to find a store that’s not located nearby.

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 2

3. Add and Edit Payment Method

Allow your customers to choose their own payment method. Provide various options to ease your customers access for the payment. Allow customers edit and add payment method they want. Keep them happy by simplifying payment storage and reducing the number of steps involved.

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 4

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 5

4. User Friendly Registration Form

Make the registration form as friendly as possible. Registration form that isn’t user friendly might likely cause confusion and frustration. This will make your apps less valuable and reduce your app conversion. Design screens that can interpret multiple input formats rather than make the user adapt to the app’s limitations. It’s also a good idea to include efficiency like auto-populate, auto-capitalization, and credit card scanning.Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 6

5. Friendly Language for User

Of course you want to make your apps different with others. That’s why you put different language or term to make your apps unique. Unknown terms or phrases will increase cognitive load for the user. Clear communication and functionality can turn your apps more user friendly and boost conversion.

Top 5 Criteria of User Friendly Mobile Apps 7

Most people prefer a way enjoyable apps that’s easy to use that the complicated ones. Sometimes engineers are too eager on showing every powerful features in their apps but they forgot that not everyone understands what they meant. It’s okay to show all of the powerful features but never forget that your user prefer a user friendly app.

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