Mesosfer Rock Star Developer and Maker Program

Tell us what are you up to! Mesosfer would be very happy if your innovation and product can contribute big impact to everyone or for technology and industry growth.

Mesosfer can give you $180 support per year for every Rock Star Developer out there to build their product. Mesosfer will check every details of your activity building your product.

Developer will get full access at Mesosfer Platform without any fee also full support from our engineer. Mesosfer will give continuous support by seeing your product impact and progress.

Developer who sign up can be from Startup, Indie Developer, University, NGO, Socialpreneur, and Representative of Developer Community who has credibility and dedication.

Mesosfer only supports positive activity and not strive from the law. Progress and achievement of each developer will be measurement for developers can get Mesosfer Rock Star Program in the next year.

University Partner :

Startup Accelerator Partner :

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