Infrastructure is hard. We make it Easy.

You think of the solution, We’ll think of the infrastructure

Mesosfer is fully supporting Enterprise to build Backend infrastructure and a platform for mobile, IoT Solution, and every smart devices. Mesosfer helps you to develop your solution with on premise and private solution.

Mesosfer is helping enterprise to connect, create, and deploy their application. We offer you to to build solution through Mesosfer and make it becomes advance solution and new experience for the world.

iot cloud platform for enterprise
enterprise iot platform architecture

Integrating IoT Platform with Mobile Backend

Internet of Things is growing fast and so should your business! With this growth, million devices, services, and solution will be connected and that makes developers, enterprise, and user face the new challenges. The challenge comes when they start to create, deploy, and integrate their innovation to the solution.

Mesosfer for enterprise is their tool to enhance IoT technology in their solution. Letting them to create an innovative solutions with Mesosfer for a smarter world.

Analytic Insight for Enterprise

For manufacturers, startup, or enterprise to connect with their devices. Mesosfer provides analytics that helps you see million of data collected by your smart devices.

Mesosfer offers enterprise solution to predict the future based on all data collected and filter each of them to be a valuable data. It enhances enterprise business solution with outstanding result.