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Direct Real Time Experience!

Mesosfer provides you with direct real time experience feature. Once you connect your peripheral with the cloud, you can get any updates from us about your apps. Mesosfer delivers, receives, and manages all your data in real time.

Be the first to know your apps status with a real time data from Mesosfer. Don’t worry! We connect to all mobile apps.

real time iot platfrom

API and SDKs are Available.

We understand your effort in creating every apps and your big dream on launch it soon. That’s why Mesosfer is providing you with API and SDK that’s available for every platform. It eases your integration and makes you develop your apps quickly.

With the same backend, Mesosfer provides you SDK for iOS, Android, and Javascript. If you haven’t had any SDK available for your platform yet, you can use REST API directly.

Push Notifications

To improve your engagement with users, Mesosfer provides you with Push Notification feature. Our real time push notification enables a powerful targeting for your user. You can send push notification or promotions to users and get their feedback directly.

All features are included and you don’t have to waste your time to build it from scratch!

Push Notification Mobile Backend

Push Notification Mobile Backend

Flexible Private Cloud

Mesosfer is supporting every engineers to save all their data on cloud, export, import, and manage them in an easiest way as possible through our platform. We also offer engineers with a local storage where they can save any data they need to.

Auto Scaling

Mesosfer as a Mobile Backend as a Service Platform is able to do Elastic DevOps which makes software developer keeps the server performance very well while the apps reach high trafic.

Making developers simplify their work while developing mobile apps in server management side and make sure the apps in an excellent network architecture condition.

Auto Scaling Mobile Backend as a service
iBeacon and IoT Hardware

iBeacon and IoT Devices

Developers are able to develop mobile app and integrate with various devices, especially iBeacon Technology.

Mesosfer provides important module for iBeacon development needs such as:

  • Presence
  • Tagging
  • Digital Push Advertising / Storyline
  • Microlocation

Storage and Hosting

Mesosfer allows developer to run mobile apps / web apps in one platform.

Storage : Allows you to store data such as image, file, and video.

Hosting : Allows you to store file and script javascript to activate static website.

Mobile App Cloud Storage and Hosting
Dynamic Database mobile backend as a service

Dynamic Database

Mesosfer is using dynamic database to make developer compiles table and field from every meta data. Dynamic database eases relation between data and data management of database architecture.

Developer can build meta data with various data flexibly and faster database access.

Mobile App Crash Reporting

Mesosfer provides data insight of failed mobile apps installation in user handset. Crash Reporting is important developers to find out application’s performance, analyze faster, and fix the problem in mobile apps development.

Mobile App Crash Reporting
Multi Platfrom Mobile Backend as a Service

Multi Platfrom Backend as a Service

Mesosfer Backend as a Service allows developers to integrate various platforms and devices.

Mobile Platform : Mesosfer Backend as a Service is very competent to build mobile apps in every OS genre especially for Android and iOS which are major OS platform.

Web Platform : Mesosfer allows developers to build web app or integrate between mobile app and web dashboard as control and monitoring.

IoT Embeded Device : Mesosfer allows developer to build integration between mobile, web, and various devices including sensors especially for IoT (Internet of Things). Almost every boards of Iot are able to connect with Mesosfer such as Arduino, Raspberry, Intel, etc.

Insight Analytic's

We appreciate your effort in building apps and that’s why Mesosfer helps you track your apps performance. To make sure your apps performance is working well, we provide Insight Analytic feature.

This feature can improve your marketing workflow and track any data point in your application in your analytical dashboard.

Push Notification Mobile Backend