IoT Platform - Internet of Things Platform

What is Internet Of Things

What is Internet Of Things

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a concept to widen advantage of internet connectivity which regularly connected . Some of the advantages is data sharing, remote control, and etc. Include things in physical life. For example food and beverages, electronic, collection, equipment tools, also physical things that are connected to local and global network through sensor and stay active.

Basically, Internet of Things is focus on things that are identified as a unique virtual representative on internet based structure. Internet of Things began to be recommended by Kevin Ashton on 1999 and started popular through Auto-ID centre in MIT. Right now, IoT is spreading and becomes a project for university student for Industry needs.

From many explanations about Internet of Things, we create summary about IoT definition. For us, Internet of Things is not just about sensors connected to the Internet.It is an environment that enables us to analyze and provide knowledge, increasing revenue stream, and provide valuable data for users.

What is IoT Technology

Internet of Things includes many infrastructure which makes devices connected to the Internet, such as electronic embedded, software, sensors, actuators, and network connection.

Real Time Storage Data - Internet of Things technology needs integration with data storage (Cloud Storage), where data storage from sensor or data from other devices need a real time data storage. It is because IoT’s main focus is data streaming.

IoT Protocol Connection - Protocol Internet of Things from every device might be different. This makes developer must do many changes and data conversions.

Data Processing - Internet of Things is focused on faster data processing to make a real time data insight.

Analytic's - Statistic processing and data management by various data connections and hardwares have to make a result about accurate data analytic.

Internet of Things Platform

Basically, IoT platform has similar features and basic needs. Some IoT platform vendors provide basic service of a platform. But the main use of IoT Platform is used to ease developer/maker to build solution faster by using a platform (IaaS, PaaS, or BaaS) to get lower cost infrastructure.

Internet of Things Platform Architecture

Source : IoT Analytics

IoT Platform has became one of regular tools. Most developers will use IoT Platform to develop their product and solution also help them scale up globally.

But not every IoT Platform has features which focused to one solution because IoT implementation is very wide such as transportation, industry, office, government, and etc. Developer / Maker is recommended to use general platform because IoT platform is designed for main problem.

Mesosfer IoT Platform helps developerss and makers to build comprehensive product and fasten infrastructure building.

Mesosfer IoT Platform

Mesosfer is IoT Platform which enable user to integrate and cut down development process. Mesosfer helps developer, startup, and enterprise to focus on solution and building cloud service infrastructure faster.

IoT Platform is a suite of components that enable: Deployment of applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices. Remote data collection from connected devices. Independent and secure connectivity between devices.

What are Mesosfer IoT Platform key advantages?

  • Easy connect to device - The problem in Internet of Things is how all devices can be connected to server with specific communication protocol.
  • Data storage from device - Many developers and vendor face a problem in saving data from device into table database. Mesosfer gives cloud storage support management to store from sensor.
  • Clustering Message Queuing - Mesosfer allows you to do balancing of data delivery from sensor to cloud server. It makes mesosfer possible to receive data stream regularly in a big amount.
  • Processing Data Stream - With Mesosfer, each data can be managed real time and can be managed inside database more flexibly and faster data access.
  • Dynamic Database - Mesosfer allows you to manage Backend / Dashboard by showing data from Dynamic Database. It helps developer has complete various data types to set an apps dashboard.
  • Integration - A platform provides various integration with API. Mesosfer is using fullREST API which can be integrated to many language programming and between machine.
  • Data oAuth - Security is crucial thing, including data access. Mesosfer integrates security with authentication of every movement and data request.
  • Application Management - Developer will be easily to build and manage application in one dashboard when they have more than one applications.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure - Mesosfer is made for enterprise needs which able to environment migration and scalable capability.

Enterprise IoT Platform

Mesosfer is ideal for enterprise usage and for developers. Mesosfer is able to scale up Node Server elastically, developers don’t have to worry about DevOps process in infrastructure network. Mesosfer will hel developer with suitable setup plan with their apps need.

Private Cloud - Private Cloud service makes you possible to develop application or integration with various hardwares on private network and database privacy which you can manage on cloud. Beside, developer is more flexible in designing the budget of server and infrastructure.

OnPremise Cloud Server - OnPremise Service makes developer possible to develop on internal data centre connection, also data privacy.