Mobile Backend as a Service

What is Mobile Backend as a Service

What Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas)

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), also known as Backend as a Service (BaaS), is a model to provide web application and mobile apps developer by connecting their application to backend cloud storage and API.

Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is a service providing web application and mobile apps developer by connecting their application to backend cloud storage and API. Backend application also provides features such as user management, push notification, and integration with social network. Cloud Mobile Backend service is also provided through Software Development Kit (SDK) and API. BaaS is a new developemnt in cloud computing. Even though this industry is not born yet, the trend shows that this service will get a mainstream traction.

Benefit of Using Cloud Mobile Backend

Web application and mobile is having similar feature behind the screen. Such as instan messaging, social media integration and cloud storage. Each of these services have a programming interface (API) that must be connected one by one in an application. The process can be time-consuming and complicated for developers. Baas service providers provide a bridge between cloud front-end with the backend via API or SDK. One of the example is Mesosfer which is often used by developers of mobile applications.

Build Mobile App With MBaas Platform

Mobile developers challenge today is the faster development of various kinds programming languages and the need for consumer demand continues to increase, as well as competition among mobile app developers services. Besides, smartphone OS that keeps upgraded have to push a mobile developer to continue to perform the update from the mobile app variants that they build. Another fundamental problems is the need for adequate infrastructure for cloud servers..

Most mobile developers build one by one network and server architecture for their mobile app, it's quite exhausting. Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) Platform helps mobile developers to prepare their applications on cloud infrastructure, as well as scalability that standard. Mobile Developers can manage the server easily.

To build a mobile app with Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), mobile developers only need a programming API connections. SDK (Software Developer Kit) has been provided to facilitate access to programming library, including data from the smartphone to connect to the database server.

A mobile developers only need to focus on logic programming in the mobile app, while all the infrastructure has been set by the mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) provider. Mobile developers will be easier to integrate with the platform data / other services which will be reducing the performance of manual integration.

Mobile developers will also get additional burden when the scalability of their infrastructure must be modified / added. Mobile backend as a service provider will manage the additional services needed by mobile developer. Mesosfer will manage the clustering load balancer to manage traffic from each user who accesses mobile app.

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service Platform

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service helps thousands developer to build mobile app easily. Mesosfer provides integration of all mobile apps needs.

Convenience for mobile developers that can be obtained are as follows :

  • Mesosfer Elastic Cloud - Mesosfer is using elastic cloud architecture. User doesn’t need to do manual integration when user loading is increasing.
  • Real Time Push Notification - Enable developers to do push notification in real time without too many integrations in mobile apps or in other hardware.
  • User Management - Mesosfer eases every application to do user management better and meta data arragement from user is easier.
  • Private Cloud - Enable user to manage backend privately and integrate with other apps.
  • OnPremise Service - For enterprise that doesn’t only need private network, Mesosfer support OnPremise Service for your company.
  • Storage & Cloud Hosting - Data storage and media in one connection. Include needs of static hosting. One developer only need one service in the same platform.
  • Dynamic Database - Mesosfer is using dynamic database to store various data and faster catabase access.
  • Crash Reporting - Analysis of errors and crashes on the mobile app when it’s used by the user, it is very important for developers to be fast in the restoration.
  • Multi Platfrom Access - Mesosfer can be used for a wide range of variation of the application platform. Developers have been provided API and Special SDK to facilitate the integration process.
    • Mobile Platform : Mesosfer Backend as a Service is very competent to build mobile apps in every OS genre especially for Android and iOS which are major OS platform.
    • Web Platform : Mesosfer allows developers to build web app or integrate between mobile app and web dashboard as control and monitoring.
    • IoT Embeded Device : Mesosfer allows developer to build integration between mobile, web, and various devices including sensors especially for IoT (Internet of Things). Almost every boards of Iot are able to connect with Mesosfer such as Arduino, Raspberry, Intel, etc.
  • Analytic's - Analytic is very important to know the accuracy and apps performance once it’s released.
  • Clustering Load Balancing - Mobile developer doesn’t need to do manual setup on node load balancer because Mesosfer will manage load balancer need and make sure trafic and internal access server always running well.
  • Micro Service - Mesosfer will replicate node server automatically to make sure the apps can be accessed by user regularly even when the trafic is very high.
  • Mirror Database & Backup - Mesosfer will help developer to do backend database automatically and regularly. This helps developers to keep database from hardware server malfunction.
  • Mobile App Management - Ease developer to build and manage application in one dashboard when developer has more than one type and varios apps built.
  • oAuth Security - Authentification Integration and making sure all data which connected to server is in secure condition.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure - Mesosfer is made for enterprise needs which can do environment migration and scalability.

Mobile Backend as a Service Technology

A mobile app is built on two interconnected layers, where each layer has an important role, including:

  • Client Side - Commonly called the front end, consisting of elements of UI / UX, where all of the user to the machine interfacing in this layer.
  • Server Side - Commonly called back end, consisting of display database, user management, and data processing. Layer includes the cloud infrastructure such as server load balancer, database table, push notification, master and slave data storage, retrieval, and oAuth.

By using Mobile Backend as a Service developers only need to focus on Client Side layer. While the Server Side / Backend will be managed by Mesosfer.

Basically Mobile Backend as a Service has various part including :

  • App Logic - This part contains all DevOps logic to help all scripts and coding node clustering running on the server.
  • App Data Management - Some part of this section, such as: in-memory clustering of data structure, cross-platform document-oriented database programs, storage media and static wrapper web hosting.

Enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service Platform

Mesosfer is ideal for enterprise usage and for developers. Mesosfer is able to scale up Node Server elastically, developers don’t have to worry about DevOps process in infrastructure network. Mesosfer will hel developer with suitable setup plan with their apps need.

Private Cloud - Private Cloud service makes you possible to develop application or integration with various hardwares on private network and database privacy which you can manage on cloud. Beside, developer is more flexible in designing the budget of server and infrastructure.

OnPremise Cloud Server – OnPremise Service makes developer possible to develop on internal data centre connection, also data privacy.