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tizen mobile backend app

What is Tizen OS

Samsung is one of companies with highest sales of Android devices in the world. Android devices made by Samsung is used by billion people in the world. It’s not surprising if someone associate Android Smartphone with Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung has been successfully produced and sold Android devices around the world for years. Compared to other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has user based that is much larger. For hardware, Samsung is still winning. But how about the software?

To reduce its dependence on Android and Google, along with Intel and the Linux Foundation Samsung develops its own mobile operating system called Tizen.

Tizen OS an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API, works on a wide range of devices. Tizen works in most devices we use daily such as smartphones, smartwatches, Blu-ray players, printers, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart cameras, smart TVs, PCs, and smart home appliances.

Build Tizen Mobile App With Mesosfer Platform

There are two types of applications in Tizen, web and native. The web application is basically a website that is packed in the form of application. It is built using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Web application is using Tizen Web Framework to interact with native subsystem.

tizen os architecture

Web application is using Web API, which became the standard structure of web applications with basic elements. Web API allows developers to build applications using web programming languages. Similar with web applications in general, Tizen Web API consists of index.html file as root application, as well as some directories to store the asset files such as CSS, JavaScript, images and sounds.

Native application development is using C programming language and able to access some native features in more specific details such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer directly. Native API provides a lot of interface with features that are commonly found in mobile devices, as well as optimizing of the limited resources.

Build IoT With Tizen and Mesosfer Platform

Tizen as an operating system designed to be easy to use by both application developers and embedded system developers. It has implemented interconnectivity between devices. For example is Tizen-based wearable device that is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi connection, it is able to connect to other devices such as smartphones and transmitting user data such as heart rate and pattern of habitual activities.

Starting with version 3.0 Tizen Core API provides functions IoTivity, the open source software framework for the development of internet of things projects. In this version, Tizen can be installed on single-board computer such as Raspberry Pi, one of the most popular board for the development of embedded systems and the internet of things.

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service Platform

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service helps Tizen Mobile Developer to build mobile applications / IOT faster and easier. By using Mesosfer, application developers can use the key features below to optimize applications they built.

Some of the advantages of Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a service are :

  • Mesosfer Elastic Cloud - Mesosfer is using elastic cloud architecture. User doesn’t need to do manual integration when user loading is increasing.
  • Real Time Push Notification - Enable developers to do push notification in real time without too many integrations in mobile apps or in other hardware.
  • User Management - Mesosfer eases every application to do user management better and meta data arragement from user is easier.
  • Private Cloud - Enable user to manage backend privately and integrate with other apps.
  • OnPremise Service - For enterprise that doesn’t only need private network, Mesosfer support OnPremise Service for your company.
  • Storage & Cloud Hosting - Data storage and media in one connection. Include needs of static hosting. One developer only need one service in the same platform.
  • Dynamic Database - Mesosfer is using dynamic database to store various data and faster catabase access.
  • Crash Reporting - Analysis of errors and crashes on the mobile app when it’s used by the user, it is very important for developers to be fast in the restoration.
  • Multi Platfrom Access - Mesosfer can be used for a wide range of variation of the application platform. Developers have been provided API and Special SDK to facilitate the integration process.
    • Mobile Platform : Mesosfer Backend as a Service is very competent to build mobile apps in every OS genre especially for Android and iOS which are major OS platform.
    • Web Platform : Mesosfer allows developers to build web app or integrate between mobile app and web dashboard as control and monitoring.
    • IoT Embeded Device : Mesosfer allows developer to build integration between mobile, web, and various devices including sensors especially for IoT (Internet of Things). Almost every boards of Iot are able to connect with Mesosfer such as Arduino, Raspberry, Intel, etc.
  • Analytic's - Analytic is very important to know the accuracy and apps performance once it’s released.
  • Clustering Load Balancing - Mobile developer doesn’t need to do manual setup on node load balancer because Mesosfer will manage load balancer need and make sure trafic and internal access server always running well.
  • Micro Service - Mesosfer will replicate node server automatically to make sure the apps can be accessed by user regularly even when the trafic is very high.
  • Mirror Database & Backup - Mesosfer will help developer to do backend database automatically and regularly. This helps developers to keep database from hardware server malfunction.
  • Mobile App Management - Ease developer to build and manage application in one dashboard when developer has more than one type and varios apps built.
  • oAuth Security - Authentification Integration and making sure all data which connected to server is in secure condition.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure - Mesosfer is made for enterprise needs which can do environment migration and scalability.

Become Tizen Mobile Developer

Seeing marketing development growth of Tizen devices, now is a good time to upload an application to Tizen Store. Tizen application developers have two options, to develop native applications or web applications. Native applications can be created using programming languages C / C ++ while Tizen web applications is using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Tizen strongly supports developers who build applications using HTML5. Even the official guidelines for developing applications using HTML5 on Tizen has been available since it is released. Different with Android, Google officially supports Android application development using Java. To develop Android apps using HTML5, we have to use a third-party developer.

Developing applications for Tizen can be achieved by using Tizen SDK. Tizen SDK consists of a set of tools for developing native applications and web. SDK released in developer.tizen.org consists of IDE, Emulators, code samples, and documentation. Tizen SDK can be used in Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac OS X. IDE in Tizen SDK is actually Eclipse that has been customized to ease developers developing applications for Tizen. If you do not want to use Tizen IDE, we can still develop Tizen application as long as it follows Tizen terms and condition.

Tizen application can be applied to four categories of devices called "profiles". The four category is mobile, wearable, in-vehicle infotainment and smart TV.

Tizen Store

Just like Android Play Store and iOS App Store, Tizen OS is also equipped with Tizen Store. It is where application developers submit their applications so it can be used by users of devices based on Tizen operating system. Tizen Store has had a lot of categories of applications, such as games, entertainment, education, finance, health, kids, lifestyle, music and video. Application developers can install free or paid applications. Tizen Store is equipped with application management, download statistics, sales reporting applications, to support the distribution of other related applications.